Assisted living

Assisted Living

Our assisted living services offer active seniors a home-like environment in Maryland & Washington, DC—while providing individualized care and assistance with normal daily activities. We offer 24 hour care in a cozy atmosphere, allowing our residents to thrive physically, socially and emotionally.

Personal Care

Plan Upon admission, our Health Services Director meets with new residents and families to develop a personal care plan, which includes an assessment of the resident’s physical and psychological needs. We review this plan and update it regularly or as needs progress.

Safety Net of Support Services

We strive to meet the personal needs and preferences of each resident. We therefore provide a strong safety net and supervision while offering as much independence as possible. Assistance ranges from personal care, such as help with dressing and bathing, to medication management or arrangement of medical appointments.

Enriching Social Connections

Physical care is a critical component of assisted living, but it’s our social lives that truly add meaning to our days. At LHAL, our residents enjoy each other’s company. They eat together and play games and connect in a way that complements their physical care and keeps their minds sharp and their spirit young.

Nurturing Environment

We provide personal care services, myriad social activities and fitness programs to promote senior autonomy and quality of life. We focus on an active lifestyle, and our team serves as caregivers and advocates for seniors by providing an environment that allows our residents to thrive. Private patios available